Monday, 24 January 2011

Recovery Disks - DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!

When you're over 40, you develop a sense of maturity. You've raised your children wisely and well (Stephanie is currently working towards her exams, whilst trying to hide the fact that she's six months pregnant: Tristan is doing well with his plastering diploma he's working towards at Borstal, and young Brendan - well, we're not sure but, well, you know...). You've worked solidly towards building a lovely home (despite that wet patch in the ceiling), and life seems good. You know that nothing phases you, because you're a mature, sensible adult.

And then you buy a computer. I don't know if it's genetics, old age, or sheer bloody-mindedness, but everything you've learned in the last 40+ years of your life, dissolves, Spielberg-like, into the middle distance. Notifications are ignored, warnings unheeded, as you continue further into computer nirvana - especially this really annoying one about recovery disks - right click, don't tell me again sunshine, I'm the one in charge...

Fast forward to now - it's late, and your computer has crashed - again! You look at the manual / talk to your tech guy / phone a friend, and they say...

"Hey, no problem - just use the Recovery Disks."

At this point, cats have been known to jump through closed windows, rather than face the tirade of abuse and possible life-threatening hurled missiles that follow that phrase - because you didn't create them, did you?

Back in the good old days, when you purchased a new computer, you were given a set of floppy disks / CD's which contained a full version of your operating system - this was when technical support actually cared - maybe because they weren't jaded by years of supporting 40+ users yet. Nowadays, in efforts to stop piracy and make your life harder, manufacturers seldom do this - instead, they give you the option of doing this yourself by creating your own set of recovery disks, using your DVD burner (this applies even if you haven't got a DVD burner i.e. if you have a netbook - "it's no excuse you know" your manufacturer will say...)

Do yourself the ultimate favour - create the recovery disks, because if your hard drive does fail, you may have to pay (yes, that's "PAY") to get a set from your manufacturer. There's no more bitter pill to swallow than that which costs you money - twice.


Lucy McFadden said...

The speech bubbles are in the wrong order. The first one you automatically are drawn to at the top, is actually supposed to be the second one to be read.

Hypervox said...

Whoops! So they are - better fix that. Thanks Nige!