Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Apple Vs PC - Pointless & Stupid...

In my last article, I mentioned why I wouldn't buy a Mac, with my own money.  Some people have commented that I'm anti Apple, or I'm in the "PC Camp" in the Apple/PC Fanboi debate.

What a load of old tosh!

I've been in the IT Industry for nearly 30 years, I've used mainframes, PCs, Macs - in short, been there, done that. I use PCs at work (because that's the environment I work in), I use PCs at home (because I like the platform, and the value for money it gives me), but I don't always run Windows, because I prefer Linux.  

I've dealt with this type of technology long enough, to know that every platform has good and bad points, but if you're aware of the good points, you should also not be blind to the bad.  I believe I have a balanced view on the subject, because I don't pretend that one platform is better than the other - they all have their strong points.  Apple make some lovely kit, but they do charge a bundle for it, and sometimes, it doesn't play nicely with anything that isn't Apple - that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it, just be aware.  In the same vein, PC kit can vary in quality because it's so varied, but it offers better value for money, combined with cheaper repair costs - but it can be hampered by an operating system that has evolved in strange ways, leading to sometimes weird and wonderful problems - again, that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it, just be aware.  If you don't like windows, try something else!

Any debate  about Apple vs PC is a stupid waste of time.  If you like one, stop wasting time trying to evangelise it's benefits - enjoy it for what it is - a tool.

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